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The Happy Daisy Advent Calendar is finally here
We’ve got 25 delicious days consisting of 25 different products for you guys!
The calendar will include all of your favourites, some next seasonal items + new products. There will be a variety of textures + proteins. As always it will be 100% grain free and for allergy purposes, we’re doing poultry free too!

This calendar is definitely suited to be shared by 2 puppers as each day will have a few pieces / or handful of treats included. However if you are sharing we do suggest buying an extra Christmas Day Treat - since that day is only 1 larger treat and we don’t want any sad puppers on Christmas Day!

Please note: This advent calendar is available via pre order only. 

(Pre order will stay open November 1st up until November November 8th)

Calendars will start shipping out after November 8th.

Beef Niblets 

FD Pork Bites 

Salmon Skin Bites 

Big Beefy Potluck (*NEW* Beef Food Topper )

Beef Liver Bark (*NEW* Seasonal Item - Beef Liver, Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberries) 

Marble Cheese 

Bison Jerky 

Pork / Green Bean Roll Ups 

Beef / Pork Puperoni 

Beef Jerky 

FD Salmon Bites 

Pork Trail Mix Cookies

Pork / Wild Boar Salami Slices 

Cheddar Cheese 

Beef Heart Jerky 

Beef Trail Mix Cookies 

Pork Heart Jerky 

Beef/Bison Salami Slices 

FD Cod Bites 

Beef / Green Bean Roll Ups 

Pork Jerky 

FD Beef Bites 

Pork Niblets 

Wild Boar Jerky 

Jumbo Salmon/Cod Candy Cane (25 Christmas)

This advent calendar contains: 

Beef, Bison, Cheese, Cod, Pork, Salmon, Wild Boar